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Since the industry is still finding its way, there is no “built-in institutional bias against women of any age,” said Nancy Whiteman, 58, a co-owner of Wana Brands of Boulder, Colo., which sells sour gummies, salted caramels and other products laced with THC, marijuana’s main psychoactive ingredient.“In a lot of other industries, there are hundreds of years of history of who is successful and who is not, and there are glass ceilings to be broken,” Ms. They are “smart businesswomen who see opportunities,” said John Hudak, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution who has written the book “Marijuana: A Short History.”These are women, Mr.Hudak said, “who have the type of background and skill sets that lend themselves to be highly useful in an industry like this: lobbying, consulting, finance, operations.”That is exactly what Jane Heatley discovered. Heatley, who owned a real estate title company for 30 years, moved from Barnstable, Mass., to Corona del Mar, Calif., to care for her mother after a stroke.Soon, she got certified to sell balms and bake mixes to dispensaries in San Diego.“I’ve always grown plants and flowers and herbs, because I like growing,” said Ms.Kusher, who has a greenhouse filled with 30 pot plants of six different varieties.She has been teaching older people about medical marijuana for the last six years and plans in the next few months to open a dispensary in Berkeley, Calif., just for people 50 and up.There seems to be a market for such services: A study of 47,140 participants released in December, based on responses to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, found that cannabis use among adults ages 50 to 64 had increased nearly 60 percent from 2006 to 2013, while use by people 65 and older had risen 250 percent. Taylor, a former Catholic school principal, used to think marijuana was a “hard-core drug like crack or cocaine,” she said.

It occurred to her that her products might have the same effect on other people.

But the ratio of swipes-to-meaningful connections is absurdly low.

Cannabis-specific dating apps out there for the curious weed-lovers-looking-for-love exist.

I learned that sometimes even a deep conversation over cannabis isn’t worth the swiping and meaningless chit-chat.

For someone who hates making small talk, Bumble, Tinder, and my 420-friendliness made for an eye-roll-inducing combo that presented a seemingly endless stream of stoners and men who were “curious” and wanted me to teach them all about it.

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