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Other researchers have put forth theories involving lunar activity.Built as a monument to Pharoah Amenhotep III and placed outside his now destroyed temple, the Colossi of Memnon are a pair of statues, standing nearly 23 meters (75 ft) high.Built and completed by the Maya sometime between AD 200 and 800, Quirigua contains exemplary examples of Mayan architecture as well as one of the largest stelae (carved stone monuments) in existence. Stelae were commonly built to commemorate the passage of time or otherwise important events.Frederick Catherwood, an English architect, was the first European to see Quirigua, and a number of excavations have taken place since then.Found in the southern half of Turkey, Catalhoyuk is estimated to have existed from around 7500 to 5700 BC.It was built by an unknown Neolithic culture that is believed to have been highly advanced.A number of the rooms were damaged when part of the cliff wall behind the village collapsed.(The name of the rock which fell translated as “Threatening Rock,” showing that the builders were well aware of the danger.) Just behind Pueblo Bonito lies a set of petroglyphs, mysteriously showing six-toed feet, made sometime in the late 10th century or early 11th century.

Also, the dead seemed to be buried underneath the floors of the houses, particularly by the hearths.Excavations have been going on there since the site was first discovered in the late 1950s by British archaeologist James Mellaart.A number of interesting items have been uncovered, including (allegedly) the earliest known map and some of the most exceptional daggers ever seen from that period.Pompey’s Pillar was actually part of the Temple of Serapis, a Roman temple to an Egyptian god, but the temple is just ruins now, destroyed by the constant rise and wall of the nearby waters.Dating from around 2000 BC, the Dolmen of Menga is a large burial ground known as a tumulus and is located in the southern tip of Spain.

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The village’s construction began in the early part of the 10th century AD and continued for nearly 180 years, reaching a peak of around 800 separate rooms, with some buildings having as many as five stories.

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