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All of these will push men away.” Instead, they should implement the “three As”, which are to ­appreciate, accept and affirm their man. She says: “With the obvious exceptions of unreasonable ­behaviour, stop trying to change your man and accept that his habits are here to stay. They thrive on appreciation.” Sami also cautions that women should not be lulled into saying the L-word too early.

She says: “Even if you’re ­feeling the urge, don’t rush into saying, ‘I love you’.

If you want marriage and multiple dating means the guy you like stops calling you and disappears, then he is not interested enough.” Sami, who also refers to herself as a Get-Wildly-Successful-At-Love coach, insists her dating advice is not necessarily about passionate bed-hopping.

She says: “Seeing several men doesn’t mean sleeping with them all.

If you want to have sex on your different dates then it’s your shout. Not having sex won’t frighten a man if he’s serious about you.

But I would always advise holding off as long as possible. “Always remember you want him to crave that commitment with you.” Sami claims she has advised around 40,000 women worldwide on love through her online and offline dating communities.

I wanted a ­family, kids and to settle down and I would not accept any ­commitment less than marriage.

“Of course I didn’t want to put pressure on him and it was his choice to stay or leave.

Sensing the 31-year-old was The One, she tested out her new multiple dating — or “rotational” — tactics.

“Masculine energy means things such as planning, seizing the lead and taking action.

And the role of feminine energy is to receive it, to be soft, allow things and to be in the moment.

The technique also involves holding off on sex for longer, focusing on dates that will help you “connect”, such as going for walks.

And don’t be the first to say: “I love you.” “I told him I really liked him but I didn’t want to be any man’s girlfriend.

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Controversial dating coach Sami Wunder claims wannabe wives should scrap playing cosy couples when they want their bloke to propose — and make him sit up and take notice by seeing other guys.

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