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“Just don’t let him put it in your butt,” she practically spat.“He’ll say it feels good, but it having sex one day, and another girl in our class had already had some guy’s penis in her butt and hadn’t liked it.

And I’m just for a smoke.” “Yes,” I said, semi-maniacally. That woman is already smokin’.” Upon arriving at Miss Usher’s home I found her porch in pitch darkness. “Come on in.” I secretly begged my yearning-to-be-free leg to allow me to walk at least semi-normally.

More confusing data emerged from that Kinsey Institute study: 11 percent of the survey respondents didn’t consider an act “sex” if the man involved didn’t have an orgasm. Oh yeah, in 2016 that queer women tend to define the loss of virginity with whether one has experienced an orgasm with the help of a partner.

It sucks to police the attempts of a marginalized group to define its own experience, but once orgasms are introduced into the virginity equation, things get even stickier.

” While I struggled to recall literally any word that I had ever learned—or even a I offered. Holding out her hand to me, she said, “C’mon, funny guy. There’s something I want to show you.” Yada, yada, yada—and the next morning I was late to my oceanography class.

Though prior to that night I was, technically speaking, a virgin, I wasn’t exactly a sexual neophyte.

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