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We can all see traits in ourselves that we’d like to change.

Being around others is an amazing way to learn how to see and do things differently.8.

Virgin Avocado Oil has a bold flavor and a deep green color and should be enjoyed as a salad dressing, finishing oil, or in a sauce.

As an virgin cooking oil, this oil contains the highest amounts of beta-stisterol and vitamin E found in any avocado oil product.

People are incredibly complex; life is created by having the ability to listen to what you need.

Meet John and Angie parents to Noah, age 8 and Jude, age 2.

but without the spark of spirit that keeps everyone interested and inspired, it means very little.

It's naive to think that happiness rests on a singular thing or group of things.

Don’t fear the judgment because, if it does exist, it's weaker than your joy.9. I could eat all the organic home-cooked food in the world, drink natural spring, solar charge my devices, calculate my carbon footprint, exercise every day …Sometimes, your opinion doesn’t matter; compromise is more important.Living with many strong-minded people, you hear opinions all day long.Attempting self-sufficiency means that it’s virtually impossible to be bored, and going back to basics allows us to fully connect with each other and ourselves.Being emotionally, and often physically, naked gave us forced us to be open, honest, authentic and supportive, with an immense freedom of spirit.

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  1. This week, Marine Corps veteran Roger Brannon reached the two-year anniversary of a life-altering amyotrophic lateral sclerosis diagnosis, a milestone that many in his position will not live to see.