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A Liberian man will be dating/sleeping with you but will never admit or introduce you as his girlfriend or lover.10.A Liberian man will leave his wife sleeping on their wedding night to sleep with a woman he met at his wedding.11.Stay away from females under the age of 21, they are called “jail bait”.If she is related to you in any way, sharp or form, her private parts should not be touch by you.Tell your other women not to kiss your shirt collar this tell us she wants us to know you were with her.No, we don’t want to taste her private parts; chewing gums really does not solve the problem, we can still smell her. A Liberian man will date you and your close friends at the same time.3. A Liberian man will have five women he is dating and will still be out there trying to pick up another.2.

A Liberian man over the age of 30 would date a 12 year girl and proudly introduce her as his “little play thing”.5.A Liberian man feels that his parents in his home are his wife’s responsibilities and not his.22.A Liberian man thinks paying the bills is his sole responsibilities in his marriage and the wives should do the rest even if they are also helping with the bills.23.A Liberian man will never mentioned to you that he had kids during his teenage years. A Liberian man will not pay any attention to other men children in his home or even when he is dating you. A Liberian man cannot tell you the last time he was in his kid’s school or saw their homework.20.A Liberian man will come home midnights and expect his spouse to not have a problem with his behavior.21.

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