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We will also look into specific examples where innovative solutions are still needed.Finally, we will explore the role of regulation in balancing how to maintain financial stability and consumer protections and how to encourage innovation in financial services.Cognitive Systems have the ability to understand, reason and learn.In Financial Services applying AI capabilities to real world issues like safer and faster payments is yielding significant results.Panelists Andre Lyver (Shopify), Anthony Vallee-Dubois (Google), and Ian Jacobs (W3C) will demonstrate how new browser features on mobile and desktop can accelerate checkout.

This session will provide an overview of this new functionality and how it’s changing the payment experience, while exploring industry response to the launch of this tool.

Breakout Room Customers put their trust in companies every time they make a purchase.

They expect that their personal information is kept secure and companies are making every effort to protect it.

For years, CFOs and financial professionals have identified key pain points when it comes to managing expenses.

Outdated payment solutions leave businesses with limited data insights and inefficiencies through manual processes, yet as the industry becomes increasingly digital, CFOs are challenged more than ever with fraud and security risks.

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Google’s Apigee team helps enterprises execute their digital and platform strategies.

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