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Further, Mars will square Uranus as it changes signs. Mars will be at 29 Capricorn in the morning, square Uranus at 29 Aries. Uranus is in it’s Fall in Taurus, a sign known for being stable and predicable.

“Even so, there is no mistaking the deeply Ethiopian flavor of these paintings. They capture the somber mood of much Ethiopian life.” Fast forward to 2018, Fikru Gebre who is now based in Ethiopia full time is an internationally acclaimed artist and sought after by art lovers from around the world.

remember the bottom shell can look perfect when the top shell is well destroyed or contaminated. As with all things, planning ahead is best, make your decision as to what you’ll use for that coldest of weather, and have it on hand.

Ferrous metal embedded in the soft bushing materials WILL eventually cut into your crank pin. With most things, inspections and engine performance are good guides as to your need to change methods or oil. I like the multi grades as they can make a cold weather start possible.

I’d consider looking for additives that have a tad bit of zinc or other proven anti wear agents to help protect the most important thing in your engine..

the crank pin, no doubt, other parts will benefit as well.

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