Java gui not updating

The events are primarily update events that cause user interface components to redraw themselves, or input events from input devices such as the mouse or keyboard.The AWT uses a single-threaded painting model in which all screen updates must be performed from a single thread.The class, developed by Sun Microsystems, is an implementation of the worker design pattern, and as of Java 6 is part of standard Swing distribution.Swing Worker is normally invoked from EDT-executed event Listener to perform a lengthy task in order not to block the EDT.I have tried pausing without using threads (with a do-while loop which waits for a certain amount of time to elapse) but this does not work either. page=1 I am still fairly new when it comes to threads.I have tried pausing without using threads (with a do-while loop which waits for a certain amount of time to elapse) but this does not work either.

Keeping in mind that code is executed perfectly, the GUI elements are just not updated. Whenever incoming File Request is called from within the GUI class (from any Event Listener) it works perfectly and the GUI is updated.Though AWT and Swing expose the (thread unsafe) methods to create and access the GUI components and these methods are visible to all application threads, likewise in other GUI frameworks, only a single, Event Dispatching thread has the right to execute these methods. Access to the GUI is serialized and other threads may submit some code to be executed in the EDT through a EDT message queue.That is, likewise in other GUI frameworks, the Event Dispatching Thread spends its life pumping messages: it maintains a message queue of actions to be performed over GUI.Swing Worker is normally created for a lengthy tasks by EDT while handling callback (Listener) events.Spawning a worker thread, EDT proceeds handling current message without waiting the worker to complete. Often, your EDT handles a GUI component action, which demands the user to make a choice by means of another dialog, like JFile Chooser, which pops up, stays responsive while user picks its option and action proceeds with selected file only after "OK" button is pressed.

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Otherwise, the message loop is blocked and GUI freezing is experienced.

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