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This was several months prior to June, 1872, the one liundredthl anniversary of the settlement. It was resolved at this meeting that the committee be instructed to invite Judge David Mc Master, of Bath, to act as our Historian; Benj. Baxter, of Tecumseh, Michigan, as Poet; and Henry W. Johnston; but this change was made too late to be announced in the circular of invitation.

This suggestion was made to Milton Johnston, Esq., a lineal descendant of Domiinie Johnston, the pioneer; and he, perhaps, was more instrumental than any other one person in calling attention to the fact, that as a comnunlity we were about to pass the first century of our existence. Rogers, of Ann Arbor, formerly of Buffalo, as Orator; and further, that Rev. Johnston, of Crawfordsville, Indiana, be invited to preach the Historical Sermon in the evening. Accordingly, the following circular wvas issued and sent to all whose names and address could be ascertained, who formerly were residents of Sidney. Many responses were received by the committee to these invitatiolns, some of which have been preserved for publication, on accoiunt of their historical and social interest.

At an adjourned meeting held some little time after, the correspo(ndence that had been elicited, was submitted; and it is to be reg,retted that this correspondence, inll part at least, cannot be liveni, as evidlencing the feeling, and anxiety even, with whichl those *who were addclressed exp)ressed themselves in rega-(rd to a Centennial Celebration. Tlhe care of the tents, their erection, seating and airranging, was entrusted to Messrs. The extra train from Walton on the " Midland" was literally loaded down; even the tops of the cars were covered by those, who were anxious to be present at this, the first centennial celebration in the upper valley of the Susquehanna.Here were erected two large tents-one rovided withi seats and a I)latform; the other with tables for the -imuner.The speakers' )latform wvas tastefully festoone(l with fla,gs; and over the l)latformi were the following words, formed withi evergreens on a white backgrotund: Olne hiliil(reti )ye(ars.Throughl these helps f{,om small beginnings, has this celebration grown, until now I find myself in the midst of a large assemblage of people, surrounded by men distinguished in nearly all the walks of life, and whose words will both interest and instruct us all. and through all which, as the mightiest agent of civilized life, now glides the iron horse, the bearer of our burthlens to the marts of trade-a carrier that, with our missions of love and affection, tarries not, nor tires, until his journey is accomplished. We have already felt the warm grasp of your hands as your lips bid us a hearty welcome to the spot whercdur ancestors have lived and labored and died, and where s~ome of us played in childhood, and all of us have lingered in imaginationrl; and now we are assembled for the more especial object whiwh has called us together. wh'ich have l)-ell frowning with gathered clo Lud- and boun)tiftil showers, have cleared away at the dawning of this morning, and the sun shines as l)ri(rhtly an(1 I)benlignly as though its gol(ldenl rays were woven out of tlhe ap)I)roving smilles of our departe(d ances tors. RO)GERS, who was born in the Valley, made the following address: THE PRESIDENT'S A, DDRESS.To those of you who have gone out from us in the ),ears gone by, and now return to celebrate with us this first centennial day, we have not words to express the feelings that stir our hearts in this greeting. The men who have made these things possible, these are they whose names it is our duty to inscribe upon our roll of honor, and send them down the ages, as the founders of a communtity happy, prosperous and free. And first, permit us to congratulate you on the auspicious omens which smile upon the opening of your exercises this day. AWe,gladly accel)t this token of a I)l)roval, as we proceed to do honor to the miemory of tlhe men who first l)lanted the sta(nd ardl of civxilization in this beautiful valley. Sons and Daughiters of the Pioneers: I am deeply impressed by these surroundings-and still more to stand in this presence as your presiding officer, to guide and in some measure to direct the movements and proceedings of this vast assemblage! Gathered from many parts ooour widelye extended country, here we stand, the living dead, on an occasion of more interest and importance than any-other that has preceded it in the history of this valley.

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