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The capital Muscat was taken by the Portuguese on 1 April 1515, and was held until 26 January 1650, although the Ottomans controlled Muscat between 1550–15–1588.

In about the year 1600, Nabhani rule was temporarily restored to Oman, although that lasted only to 1624, when fifth imamate, which is also known as the Yarubid Imamate.

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Between 9, Oman was part of the domain of the Iranian Buyyids: The Buyyids/Deylamites/Dailamites were a possibly Persian people, inhabiting the mountainous regions of northern Persia on the southern shore of the Caspian Sea.

Ibadism became the dominant religious sect in Oman by the 8th century; Ibadhism is known for its "moderate conservatism".

One distinguishing feature of Ibadism is the choice of ruler by communal consensus and consent.

The Yarubid recaptured Muscat from the Portuguese in 1650 after a colonial presence on the northeastern coast of Oman dating to 1508.

The Yarubid dynasty expanded, acquiring former Portuguese colonies in East Africa - including Zanzibar - and engaging in the slave trade.

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