Is internet dating a good idea

Mayer embraced the pay cut in part to accept responsibility for a series of security breaches that occurred during her tenure.

An incident back in 2013 involved the theft of data associated with more than one billion of Yahoo’s users.

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Now that we can identify the different elements that make up our web browsing history, let’s get into why you would want to occasionally wipe these elements: There’s times when we find the need to browse the web or log into our email using a public computer.

When we do, the last thing we want is for that computer to remember our login credentials or keep a copy of the websites we visited.

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Marissa Mayer announced she would forego her annual bonus and annual equity grant for the year and redistribute the money to the technology corporation’s employees.

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Attackers could steal them to gain access to our accounts and, by extension, make off with our personal information.

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