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What if neither wessing nor w.essing had an account?Netflix still blindly trusted that the person who entered [email protected] their website actually received email at [email protected] he only used password reset to hack into Eve's Netflix viewing history.I think one reason why so many commenters here assume James Fisher used password recovery is the unspoken reasoning: "who[1] would be so irresponsible/unethical as to leave user account pages including payment information wide open on the internet? It logged me in and took me to an “Update your credit or debit card” page[2], which is genuinely hosted on But hang on, the “Update” page showed my declined card as **** 2745.

For example, mom, dad, and the kids have their own login info, but both mom and dad have full control over the account? Add the victim to the account long enough to get payment information, then kick them out.

@or was the only correct server name for Gmail in Germany.

So : it might be a "[email protected]" who used Giersch mail back in the days, but after Google managed to win the trademark dispute over "gmail", you receive what is destined for this address, because "w.essing" maps to "wessing" for google, and "" now maps back to "" like any other "gmail.*" and Herr Essing never bothered to upgrade his e-mail on every last forum/webshop/etc.

with whatever he uses nowadays after the fall of Giersch mail.

• April 10, 2018 PM This is happening to me except the individual who has my email minus the dot is just another guy NOT trying to take advantage of anyone. I still get the other guys email and I still forward his important stuff. I have had this email for a couple of decades or so I think..enough I don't remember when it was. But, I do not want to go through the hassle of creating a new email. • April 10, 2018 PM As a matter of interest I have a protonmail account created with a dot in the email address, I always quote it with the dot and assumed it was required. • April 10, 2018 PM I fail to see any security flaw on Google's part, but I see multiple on Netflix (assuming the accusation is true): 1) Netflix allowed someone to sign up using this email and didn't verify it, so they have been communicating information about the account to an email not controlled by the account owner (and bothering the email owner who had no contact with them) 2) Netflix allowed the email owner, and anyone who was on an unencrypted hop between Netflix and the email recipient, to access the account without a password.

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A card number I don’t recognize." [0] In the city where I live the only home internet access is through cable TV companies, who bundle cable TV with internet service, and not coincidentally have successfully lobbied the feds to kill net neutrality. [2] Following up on @dulaku's and @A Google User's comments, I wonder if there's something very weird going on with the way Netflix sets and uses cookies.

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