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I don't usually buy the "she's too stuck up" argument, for one simple reason. Why do you sometimes view a woman's intelligence as an invitation to a contest? Do you debate intelligent women for the pleasure of it, or do you feel that the "contest," rather than debate, is more of a hierarchical "see-saw" to try to end up "on top"?

That is a reason to not want to ask her out, but not a reason to be intimidated by her. I'm curious because I often encounter men who instantly try to "one-up" me or contradict an opinion of mine just for the sake of being contrary, and it's so frustrating.

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And it has always constantly amazed me at how true this actually is.

This pattern is actually the paradox when I often find people are the most intelligent to have the least amount of social skills or confidence.

I can't help but wonder if really attractive women resent being so at times, instead, wondering how much more simple life would be if they looked a bit more average. I think that very attractive women just get hit on by a different type of guys. The biggest difference I see is that the women I know who I consider really pretty tend to get tons of attention from narcissistic pricks. I think if you can be beautiful and successful and deftly engage in a hot intellectual discussion, AND appreciate how your guy fixes a problem or caresses you or fill-in-the-blank, then suddenly your beauty, intelligence, and success become attributes to relish rather than to fear.

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You would probably also realize that you seem to view things from a very different perspective ever since you were young, and your thinking and mindset is also very different from others.There's nothing wrong with a person who can say "Yeah, I'm content with this," but he said that she has a lot of potential and he's encouraging her to explore that, but it would just denigrate into an argument. For him the hottest girl in the room is usually the biggest. Once the two are dating, it's even more difficult for me to believe the guy "vanishes" or otherwise ends things because he becomes intimidated or was always intimidated by the woman.I know I'm not elaborating enough, so please feel free to ask what doesn't make sense and whatnot & I'll reply. Stockalone, I'm interested to hear you elaborate more on these two points.When it comes to these people, they often tend to try to look for that particular piece of “magic information” that would allow them to fool other people into thinking they are not socially awkward, instead of trying to genuinely change.And that is one of the main reasons why intelligent people are socially awkward forever.

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