Inmates prison dating female

In some cases inmates pay nominal fees to list themselves; for those on the outside, corresponding with them is usually free.

Because of the low- to no-fee model—the fees cover costs such as servers and web hosting—operators say the websites don’t generate much money.

“We certainly understand each other’s lives,” he says.

“To be honest, since I’ve been out, it’s not impossible, but difficult, to relate to women outside who don’t understand.

S., and he says he’s seen enough already to determine “it can have a positive benefit for those inside and out.”The flip side, critics say, is that dating sites give criminals a chance to prey on the emotions and bank accounts of the naive.In Oklahoma, a convict was ordered to pay 5,000 in restitution to victims of a scam in which he solicited gay men and then tried to extort those who were closeted.David Roberts, a pen pal in Michigan, says his relationship with an inmate he found online in California ultimately resulted in heartbreak, a ,000 credit card bill, and a defaulted furniture loan that marred his credit rating. Most of the inmate sites carry hefty disclaimers, urging users to avoid giving money or sensitive personal details.As a single father who’d just moved to Cleveland, he’d had little luck with more mainstream dating apps and liked the idea of a little distance while he and his son adjusted to their new home.In January 2016 he began a correspondence with an incarcerated woman in Oregon.

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“Just about every letter I get from an inmate has the word ‘lonely’ in it.”For better and worse, users say, the sites help strip away the mindless chitchat, bad movies, and restaurant-choosing anxiety that often come with early courtship.

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