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When a man meets a woman and is not immediately physically attracted to her, what WILL attract him to her?Can a great personality, witty sense of humor, or charm overcome a lack of immediate sexual attraction?

Saw him many times in concert in the 70's and 80's, and even though he has aged, like the rest of us, I still find him extremely attractive and sexy! I actually was in a relationship with a man who looked a lot like him, back then.Though granted, if our mindset is heavily focussed on looks, 'horribly disfigured' is likely to be too offputting to overcome. I've connected with a few fish who had no pictures posted and I've found them attractive.By the time I saw their picture, the attraction was set set in my mind and unless, as you said, they looked like goszilla, they remained attractive to me.At what point would you deny yourself the company of someone who's personality struck a chord with you because of their looks?None of these are problems that are impossible to overcome, so why mention them?

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Would you date a woman based on her personality alone?

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