Immediately updating school cancellations

The Single Most Dangerous Place Outdoors is the most dangerous place to be during a lightning storm.

When lightning is seen or thunder is heard, or when dark clouds are observed, quickly move indoors or into a hard-topped vehicle and remain there until well after the lightning storm ends.

Specific numbers of seconds to count or other concrete guidelines are helpful, but not necessarily scientific.

Communications will be sent out in as many ways possible (email, text alerts, Facebook, website, phone calls and signage at the fields).

This will typically result in the end of the match and families should return to the safety of home.

Referees and FYSA staff have the authority to stop matches for such reasons.

Such activities are not FYSA-sanctioned and thus are not covered under program insurance.

While games are still played in rainy or hot weather, there are some situations that may result in the cancellation or delay or games.

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