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In the general American population, the divorce rate is one out of three marriages. population, 30% of all adults are unmarried, but in Mensa, 51% are presently unmarried.But in Mensa 63% of the members have been separated or divorced at least once. Marriages between Ms do appear to be the most stable – for Mensans.And since we cannot trust that person’s judgment, we therefore cannot be as open and honest as we would like to be.Our love for the person of average intelligence is therefore like that of a parent for his child or of a teacher for his retarded student.The problem is that this level of intimacy is only possible between equal partners. It is easy to have a positive regard for almost anyone – children retardates, illiterates, or transvestites.We can appreciate their appearance, their talent, their warmth and charm.And Mensans generally do know more about more subjects. If we reveal our true feelings, then the normal person becomes resentful.But if we attempt to conceal our feelings, then the normal person says we are aloof, supercilious, and uncommunicative.

But vows between M women and non-M men are virtually intolerable.

But in intimate relations it is an unmitigated disaster.

According to personal communication theorists, the only way to attain deeply satisfying intimacy is by being completely open, completely honest, completely trusting, and by having a positive regard for the other person.

For over a year has carried a discussion of love and marriage among Ms and Non-Ms. Harper Fowley very kindly supplied me with all of the relevant back issues.

And the figures appear to support our analysis of the problem.

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This is because our cultural pattern calls for women to marry “up” and men to marry “down.” So a male M may be satisfied with a wife who is dutiful but dumb, whereas a woman cannot abide a husband who is less intelligent then she is, because she cannot regard him as “manly” or trust his decisions. Education without intelligence is wasted, while intelligence without education can be a menace.

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