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Also, some malware opens backdoors that facilitate the installation of software that enables use of the infected computer by remote control.

This FAQ is organized to guide you through these steps:1.

Submit any malware that appears to be new or modified to the anti-malware vendors6.

Run tools that allow for examination of some security and system settings that might be changed by a hacker to allow remote control of the system7-10.

Don't stop when you find the first piece of malware.

You can proceed through most of the steps without having to wait for guidance from someone in the forum.Once complete, if you continue to have problems with a particular user account, repeat the scans in steps 2 and 3 using that user account.(On Windows XP, you will need to use the "Run As" function described here: HOW TO: Use the RUN AS Command to Start a Program as an Administrator in Windows XP.) Do full scans of your computer.Right-click on the file in Windows Explorer or Search and select Properties.Remember, properties can be faked by hackers, so consider them reminders not proof.c) When in doubt about a suspicious file, submit if for analysis.

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