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Her shorts hugged every curve of her fleshy bubble but.Chris's eyes traveled down her smooth back and over her bulging butt like a car driving slowly along a long flat country road that reaches a large hill.Her mountainous breasts converged together to create a deep valley of cleavage that could be seen underneath the black crisscrossing fabric.Her stomach was bare, showing off her hard-flat stomach and trim waistline.

Seeing her now Chris would guess she was closer to early thirties but could even pass for late twenties. She already regretted wearing this ridiculous outfit, but Jordan had insisted. He was glad that he had not been the first person she had approached, or he would probably look as foolish as the poor boy behind the desk right now. Katie's heart unexpectedly gave a slight flutter at the sight of him as well.His shoulders were broad, his shirt was tight and hugged his pecks, it was also sleeveless, so his big beefy arms were exposed. A man stepped through the door after Katie and stood behind her. She attempted to reach for it, but he grabbed onto her wrist with his other hand and then pulled her so that she was facing him. "I just wanna have a little fun, that's all." He said as he wrapped his arms around her and pushed her against her vehicle. His eyes hadn't adjusted yet, but he made his way by memory to the corner of the lot where he had left his Harley. It was his baby and he didn't want to risk some soccer Mom crashing into it with her minivan. The girl did not seem to be enjoying the encounter at all. He kissed her on her neck, he kept one arm wrapped around her while he undid the fly of his pants... He took deep gulps, his lungs burned from the five miles he had just run on the treadmill.

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He had told her there was nothing he could do about it since the gym didn't handle anything outside the building. The mans eyes widened in fright as he struggled to shove his penis back into he pants. The frightened woman buried her face in her hands as she attempted to gain control of her sobs. It took her several moments to respond, but finally she was able to nod her head. " Chris asked again, "Do you need me to call someone for you, or give you a ride home? Chris wished that he had thought of something more comforting he could have said and hoped the lady was alright.

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