The arc drawn by this function may appear to be elliptical, depending on the current transformation and mapping mode.Before drawing the arc, this function draws the line segment from the current position to the beginning of the arc.Such right-to-left orientation is necessary for applications written for cultures, such as Arabic or Hebrew, where the character layout is not the European standard.object that will send output to a metafile while reading attributes from a physical device.A comment may include any private information — for example, the source of the picture and the date it was created.A comment should begin with an application signature, followed by the data.If the application displays a dialog box to allow the user to cancel the print operation, it must call Abort Doc before destroying the dialog box.If Print Manager was used to start the print job, calling Abort Doc erases the entire spool job — the printer receives nothing.

Do all drawing through the member functions of a object.The new home for Visual Studio documentation is Visual Studio 2017 Documentation on docs.The latest version of this topic can be found at CDC Class. Allows applications to access facilities that are not directly available from a particular device through GDI. Escape calls made by an application are translated and sent to the device driver.The ending point is similarly located by measuring counterclockwise from the starting point by the number of degrees in the sweep angle.If the sweep angle is greater than 360 degrees the arc is swept multiple times.

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