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Some of these diagrams are in my own collection; others have been loaned or scanned by other people.The late Andy Rush kindly allowed me to display here diagrams from the Industrialogical Associates Collection.Cheshire Lines Committee Dearne Valley Railway Cromford and High Peak Railway Furness Railway Great Central Railway Great Central and Great Northern Joint Line Great Central and Hull and Barnsley Joint Line Great Central and Midland Joint Lines Great Central and North Staffordshire Joint Line Great Eastern Railway Great Northern Railway Great Northern and Great Eastern Joint Line Great Northern, Lancashire and Yorkshire and North Eastern Joint Line (Methley Joint Line) Hull and Barnsley Railway Lancashire Derbyshire and East Coast Railway Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Liverpool Overhead Railway London and North Western Railway Manchester South Junction and Altrincham Railway Midland Railway North Eastern Railway North London Railway Oldham Ashton and Guide Bridge Railway Tottenham and Hampstead Railway Tottenham and Hampstead Railway Wirral Railway Cheshire Lines Committee Bewsey SBD, probably 1930's, 718 kb; Bewsey final layout before closure SBD, 1306 kb. The diagram includes the line to Reddish Junction, but was obviously in use after this connection was closed, as someone has tried to delete it. Brookfold SBD, 1970, 988 kb Brunswick NX panel, photographed at the NRM. Carrington Sidings SBD, dated 18 September 1966, 62 kb, courtesy Simon Foster.Hale (SBD, 1974) 266 kb Hartford CLC Junction SBD, no date, 2562 k B Glazebrook East Junction (SBD, 1926) 1165 kb, higher quality version 5674 k B Knutsford SBD, no date, 339 k B Mobberley, copy drawn by Harry Gardner Northwich Central SBD, no date, 952 k B Skelton Junction SBD, 141 kb, courtesy Simon Foster.Frodingham Yard No 1 SBD, no date, 602 k B, courtesy Bob Dennis.

It is drawn in a slightly different style to later diagrams - note the route indicators on the colour light signals, where the each of the five white lights is shown!home railway pages signal box diagrams Woodhead route (Wath - Dunford) Woodhead route (Rotherwood - Penistone) Woodhead route (Woodhead - Manchester) Woodhead route (electrical diagrams) about the diagrams The diagrams presented here are a mixture of actual box diagrams or office copies of box diagrams (denoted SBD) and working sketches (denoted WS).They are arranged by company which provided the railway line, not the diagram - most of the diagrams are in fact from the British Railways era.Barnsley Junction SBD, no date, after goods lines to Willey Bridge were truncated, but before connection between branch and main lines was removed, 1139 k B, courtesy Industrialogical Associates Collection. Brancliffe East Junction SBD, 9-11-1942, 483 k B, courtesy Industrialogical Associates Collection. Brocklesby Junction SBD, 625 k B, courtesy Industrialogical Associates Collection.Brookhouse Colliery SBD, 1942, 433 k B, courtesy Industrialogical Associates Collection. 1002 kb Cortonwood Colliery SBD, 125 k B, courtesy Industrialogical Associates Collection.

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  1. With your typical selections of digital photo galleries and low/high bandwidth streaming video clips, the site is not overly original, except for the fact that it fills one of those atypical niches, or what one might even go so far as referring to as a fetish.