Gay super chub dating

You can earn more credits by uploading pictures or videos to your profile.

(But uploading content that doesn't belong to you will get you banned.) You can use a personal referral link to refer other men to the site and this earns you more credits.

Super Chubs is a unique site that is part porn site and part profile site.

It's free to sign up, and although there are limitations to the free accounts, there's still plenty to enjoy.

The site uses geo-IP tracking so it knew that I was in Toronto, and when I clicked the "nearby" button on the search page, it presented me with men close to me.

The only thing that I didn't really like about Super Chubs is the complicated set-up with using and gaining credits.Non-members cannot watch videos, so being able to watch vids is the big benefit of the monthly memberships.It also allows you unlimited viewing of pictures without messing around with credits.So viewing an image costs you two credits, but you can earn one back if you vote on the image.If it's all too complicated for you, you can just join the site for per month.

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