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But not looking on that love is very strong great feeling, it also is very fragile, realy my dear, because only one word or an not right action can destroy it and already anybody willn't can to restore this great feeling.

Probably, you will think that a purpose of all my correspondence with you it is only desire to leave for America.

Of course there was this evil teacher at her university that was also stated in other letters I found on here.

By the way Natasha's aunt Irina as has taken an interest about other kinds of the visas too, as to her have said, that there is a set of kinds of the visas. Irina has thought that this visa of bride approaches to us, but her in embassy have said that this visa costs more expensively and its registration costs a lot of money.My girlfriend Natasha have connected with her aunt Irina to Moscow at last.Irina has said to Natasha that she has learned how much cost a visa and a foreign passport too.Believe me my darling, it is not so my love, the fact in that when I began to write to you, I couldn't to believe what it is possible to fall in love through the Internet.I thank Internet that we found each other my darling.

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