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Money making apps are often free to download and can be a great way to supplement your income.Money saving blogger Ricky Willis, 37, started his blog - Skint Dad - in 2013 after he was fed up being poor and struggling to make ends meet.You need to look at the map, then venture out to complete your mission.I generally try to tie in a visit when I’m out shopping, rather than making a specific trip.Available in the Apple Store or on Google Play store.

You can actually get paid to review shops and restaurants as a mystery shopper.Videos need to be between 15 seconds and a minute and they’ll pay you in excess of 25p for each video you upload.For a few seconds of work, the pennies add up fast enough.Each one you take part in lasts for now more than around 10 minutes and you need to do a short write up report afterwards about your experience or upload photos.You can see pay outs of around £5 for each task, some pay a lot more.

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