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Her pink jumper was thin and hugged her pert, B-cup breasts.

The outline of her narrow bra straps showed through it.

In fact she found herself positively, but subtly, encouraging it.

Her breasts were only small but she left one more blouse button undone than she usually would and made sure that from time to time he got chance to see inside.

Earlier he had admired the way her panties showed against her skirt.

But after a day or two she was flattered that he found her attractive, and enjoyed his discreet admiration.And if she wore trousers she made sure that she wore small panties to show off her tight backside.She had told herself at first that it was harmless and that she was merely enjoying feeling attractive and desirable. She had not seen her for just over a year, having been working at the other end of the country.It had been good to catch up with Linda and her husband Tony. It was summer and Mark, half way between his eighteenth and nineteenth birthday, was due to go away to start college in a few weeks' time. He often made a droll comment that made his parents, and her, laugh.

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