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However adjustable cams and are useful for primarily two reasons: 1.

You really need to zoom-in on an object at very close range to show someone something in detail. For adult sex xxx webcam needs you may actually want to SOFTEN the focus somewhat to take off your rough edges and smooth your flaws and bumps a bit!

Autofocus cams can be a double-edged sword: The can adapt to normal range or show close-ups without manual adjustment.

But be aware on cheaper cameras there can be a second or two lag to compensate, and if you move alot or guesture when your talk the camera may struggle to keep up.

Above are premium wide-angle UVC compatible group videoconferencing solutions for cross-platform environments.

Of note: Logitech's BCC950 and C3000e offer mechanical PTZ - Pan, Tilt and Zoom functions via remote - as well as integrated microphones and speakerphone capabilities.

Avoiding any of the cheap, crappy junk cameras from the Chinese import bargain bin - Here are three quality cameras at a low price between - USD.

All are 720p HD cams that will perform well even on older, slower CPUs.

Choose from the razor-sharp premium Zeiss lens autofocus C920 (1080p) with stereo microphones, the autofocus C615 (1080p) with convenient camera tripod mounting hole, or the value-priced fixed-focus C310 (720p) HD UVC compatible webcam with great light management and clarity.

These discontinued software-based focus cameras from Creative Labs, HP and Logitech simply perform like a fixed-focus model on Mac OS and Linux.

All driverless UVC cams REQUIRE USB 2.0 ports to deliver high resolution at good frame-rates, so make sure your Linux box, PC or Macintosh has USB 2.0 or Super Speed USB 3.0 speed ports.

Whether you use your web cam for AOL or Apple i Chat, Yahoo or MSN Messenger, Skype, ISPQ, ICUii - or any other number of popular video chat sites, video conferencing or capture programs, Feel Confident.

These researched, tested, and reviewed UVC web cameras are the smart ones to buy - and will serve you well for years to come.

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