Four dating bases

As the Department of Defense investigates others across the country, what happens here could help shape the response nationwide.

When the blackened plane was cool, the children would climb the fence and jump into the burned-out cockpit, pretending to be pilots, Grosse recounted.Hope Grosse and brother Chris Martindell used to climb the fence near their Warminster home to play at the Naval Air Warfare Center. “How long is it going to take to get out of my body?” Hope Grosse and her siblings would run down their Warminster street and rubberneck amid shrieking sirens.The substance, like others used on site, included chemicals called perfluorinated compounds (PFCs), including PFOA and PFOS.PFCs were used for decades not just in the foams, but in non-stick cookware, clothing, furniture fabric, packaging, and carpeting.

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The Air Force, also involved, has dedicated $8.3 million so far.

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