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So as a gentleman would do I told her she could crash on my couch until the next day.I was completely oblivious to what was about to happen due to me being so tired.FWB for two months after, still good friends just both found other people.On a class trip in Germany for 2 weeks last December. One night this chick wants to trade massages since we are sore. Little did she know I'd be goin in for the goods from around the side. Come back from the bathroom and this chick is on the couch.So we lay there for like 10 minutes, once again I am about to fall asleep, when I feel a leg lock over mine and she says,"you might as well not plan on getting any sleep tonight because I won't let you." Next thing you know she's on top of me butt azz naked.Gave me a BEEJAY, warmed her up, fukked her on the bed, against the wall, and finished on my desk chair.Fooled around next few nights in Deutschland and have been seeing her officially for over 3 weeks now. A group of us ended up at my mates house after a night of clubbing. Lay down next to her, tell her "I'm sleeping here tonight." and roll her off the couch. On a Thursday night my freshmen year of university, I was hanging out in my dorm room with one of my two roommates (the third was out for the night partying) studying for a test the next day.

So I made the decision to have a chill night to myself for brain rest, couple of beers, COD, and some it's Always Sunny in Philly. I was a student supervisor at the on-campus gym and in charge of about 35 student staff members and the girl whom I shall speak of lives in my apartment complex..you can follow.) Anyways, it was about am and I was finishing up my last beer and COD game, when I get a txt from one of my former employees, who happened to be my neighbor if I could pick her up from a party because her ride left her behind and it was snowing.We go to another room sit on the couch and gives me a handy. She walks back to the party to my ex, brushes my ex's hair with the load hand and compliments her on how pretty her extensions are. Anyway, he shows me a pic of her and she is this hot island girl originally from Philipinnes now in Maui.- was having a good time at a beach house for vaca ~2 hours away from my house - meet this genuinely interesting chick, there was something that made me interested in her over all the other chicks - she goes back home with friends, thought I wouldn't see her again, but then she drives back to the beach house 2 days later - end up smashing - turns out she lives ~15 min away from me and her best friend lives on my street - we have the same birthday (3 years apart though) mind was somewhat blown.. He gives me her number and we start texting, sending pics, she asks me for a dick pic LOL but I got a few of her before sending it out. She picks me up from this mall and we head to Days Inn where I was staying.Wake up the following morning without my virginity and my first STD..some random trailer park girl came over to my house around 11pm when i was 14 years old (she was prlly my age) asked to come in. About 15 minutes later, we get a knock on our door, and these two blonde chicks appear are outside saying they met my roommate out that night and he said to come to our room as we were all in the same dorm.Being the gentlemen that I am, I invite them in and my plastered roommate and I each start flirting with the girls.

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