Eclipse class files not updating

(You may need to change the extension first.) If you want to update the JAR file automatically via Eclipse, you may want to look into Ant support in Eclipse and look at the zip task.Simply drag and drop your new class file to the JAR using 7-Zip or Winzip.

Instead of adding it as a JAR dependency you could add it as a project dependency. Click on 'Java Build Path' and select the 'Projects' tab.

Click "OK." Depending on your project, the source folders you need may vary, but gen and src are basic folders needed for most Java projects. If you don't need specific parts of some source folders, set exclusion filters on them individually. Click "Add..." in the Projects tab if you need to add a path from another project to the compiler.

Choose the project and click "OK." This adds classpaths that are marked as exported from the second project to the current project, as well as the source folders for the second project.

I might be using the wrong term when talking about "sync" but that's the best way to descrie it I think.

I'm trying to debug a project that I've been working on for a couple of days now but for some reason the class and the .class file aren't syncing (.class file isn't updating to any of the changes that I make to the class that I'm editing).

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1.) Make sure the Build automatically is checked 2.) Cleaning the project 3.) Refreshing the project, F5 4.) Go to Wwindows-Workspace and making sure the first 2 checkboxes are checked.

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