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She realized that MJ was jealous and thought she was vying for Peter's affection and told her that she only loved Peter as a Super Hero little brother clearing things up between them with MJ even thinking to be friends with her. Later that night while walking back to her house, Gwen was attacked and killed by Carnage, who was created by Dr. Peter felt guilty about what happened to Gwen and started slowly drifting away from Mary Jane fearing now more then ever for her safety fearing that she would be killed too because of his life as Spider-Man.

Long after his father was gunned down as the Green Goblin, Harry told her that Peter killed his father.

However, when the real Peter Parker and Spider-Woman showed up, she calmed down and resumed her original form, just in time for Peter to render his evil clone unconscious.After one date, however, she planned to prove herself to Peter and to get him back.When Raxton asked what was so special about Peter, she simply replied "everything".She was then given what was believed to be a cure to the effects of the OZ formula.Peter and MJ rekindled their love, much to Kitty's dismay.

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She eventually helped Kitty Pryde track down Peter when he was captured and unmasked by the Shocker.

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