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Royal Dockyard Battalion officer's swords are rare by themselves, but to find one that also happens to be a pre-numbered (1846-1853) Wilkinson makes it a rare gem indeed.

The sword is in reasonable condition, with patina to the blade and a few localised areas of pitting - however nearly all of the intricate etching remains clear.

The hilt and blade would benefit from careful or professional restoration, but other than light cleaning I have left them original and untouched.The grip is in fairly good shape for the age, with most of the leather covering to the wood remaining and most of the grip wire.This is a fabulous sword in the hand, a very sought-after model and incredibly hard to find these days.Curiously, the blade has been well service sharpened.This could associate the sword with some very interesting campaigns, given it's dating - perhaps Crimean War related.

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