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As puberty sets in for girls, they become attracted to men who are taller than themselves.So by the time having a girlfriend means something, the deck becomes heavily stacked against you. They put a lot of effort into athletics, working out, martial arts, or they focus heavily on academic achievement, with an eye to making lots of money to get girls.I went from being a below average guy to an above average girl.It's fucking above average girl.those eyebrows and those fucking teeth thoughyou're more of a "bars closing and theres slim pickings" chick Id bang you if you offer me a brown bag or we exclusively do it doggy style#nohate10112he has a real big ego and thinks he has allot more pull then he really does in the porn industry.It's not a mental illness if it's something you do because you want to and it makes sense in your life.A really good example is the young Kimber James, who at 5'3" and maybe 115 lbs tops was pretty much fucked as a guy in terms of finding a mate.She's promoting these appearances on her twitter as sex shows but doesn't even get nude anymore.

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It is about from an early age having all of your relations with your peers exist in a framework of your being small and perhaps vulnerable to other boys your age.

Girls might like you in grade school, but after puberty, when having a girlfriend really matters, they mostly lose interest in the short cute guys, and focus on the tall cute guys.

Yet Bruce Jenner wins Woman of the Year and patted on the head because he came out as a Mt F tranny.

Transsexualism is just a mental defect, but its a mental defect that I jerk my cock off to HARD!

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