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Die Comfort Fit ist auch unter dem Namen Relaxed Cut (Achtung: Trendalarm!) bekannt und meint eine locker sitzende Jeans auf mittlerer Bundebene.The sale is purely a reduction on price so you really do need to have a look at the cheap Edwin jeans as there are one or two bargains to be had alongside the reduced and discounted clothing range.Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change.The name for the brand came from mixing up the letters of the word 'denim' and turning the m upside down to make a w.This different and unique approach to business led Edwin jeans to the forefront of premium Japanese denim within a few years and can be credited with the creation of some of the now common techniques and styles in the denim world such as 16oz jeans featuring the famous three colour rainbow selvedge, old wash denim, stone washed denim and new vintage denim dating back to 1947.

Aufgepasst: Trotz des weiten Beins ist dieses Modell nicht mit der Schlaghose zu verwechseln.

Drag your mouse and the page moves at an almost dizzying pace, displaying innumerable amounts of text—however nonsensical at times—within each tiny personal ad as well as larger, color 3D ads of Diesel models and their respective apparel.

Those curious visitors can click on any model and read brief, charming copy describing their personality along with specs on the clothes they're wearing.

Jeans sind manchmal besser als die beste Freundin: Sie lassen einen immer gut aussehen und schmeicheln der Figur. Und mal ehrlich, an Auswahl mangelt es nun wirklich nicht, wir müssen einfach die Vorzüge wissen, um eine gute Entscheidung zu treffen.

Zeit für ein Jeans-Speed-Dating – diese Typen könnten zu dir passen!

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