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Olsen had a brief encounter with Lance Armstrong shortly after he broke up with Sheryl Crow in 2006.

The 41 year old cyclist was stripped of all his titles won since August 1998 due to allegations of doping. The NY Post was the first to report of the odd couple’s stay at the Gramercy Park Hotel. David Spade is known mostly for his roles in Joe Dirt, Tommy Boy and Just Shoot Me.

Jenner has been seen on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, but he’s not new to reality TV as he starred on reality shows like The Hills and Princes of Malibu.

Nicole Richie, Lauren Conrad and Kristin Cavallari have all had fleeting relationships with Brody.

Josh Groban is a multi-platinum opera singer who earned the title of the bestselling U. This unlikely pair dated for three years before they broke it off in 2006.

Mariah is a 5-time Grammy Award-winning singer and the third best-selling female vocalist in the U. She’s starred in a few films and served as an American Idol judge for one season.

He’s been linked with Brittany Murphy and January Jones.

Sandra Bullock is America’s Sweetheart and the ultimate personification of the girl next door.

She’s an award winning actress who starred in The Blind Side, Crash, Speed and Miss Congeniality.

Child star Macaulay Culkin disappeared into the woodworks after he made it big in Home Alone and Richie Rich.

He reappeared on the Hollywood scene in 2003 with small roles in Saved and Will & Grace.

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Macaulay and Kunis dated for eight years in a low-profile relationship and officially split in 2010. Jessie James’ multiple tattoos only seem to emphasize his bad-boy image.

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