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So, the whole jist of this post comes down to this.I wait until the 4 month mark to say much besides, I’m a bachelor who has teen children. I don’t have guns everywhere, no other things indicating I’m anything but a working single Dad.If you are dating someone who is recently re entered the dating pool, don’t fall in love with them. Try to be the best person you can be, don’t get too attached and be ready for the unexpected breakups because they happen without warning. I have the hardest time with dating someone with kids. You have to laugh and love life through a kids eyes. I’ve always loved the way my kids are adaptable and very stable.Kids are great people but depending on how the parental situation is they may resent you being in their parents lives. They are less likely to meet anyone I’m dating in the last coupe years because our schedules have fluxed with them in their teens, and the related teen issues with friends and drama.They will drop a tracking program on your phone and computer , generally so you are in their life forever.Think of the character Rose in the show “2 and a half men”. Trust me, its less funny when you have to have a judge make them go away.We all have our crazy parts, the trick is to find someone you don’t want to change, and they don’t want to change you.

My kids are awesome, you may not find ones like mine, but I hope so.The wheels are going to come off just in time for the worst of outside situations occur. Men do it too And just when you think I’ve covered the worst you get the Dangerous/Nuts These are the mentally ill, but better at hiding it.In this crowd you have the addicts, alcoholics, narcissists, sociopaths and generally deeply damaged human beings who don’t have the same personality at the end of a date they had at the beginning.Something to consider is, men who get offended with your escape call, are the ones you NEED to run away from.I was married to one of these, and dated a couple more. You will not change them, and they will not change for you, no matter what they tell you after they have physically or emotionally abused you.

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They are fine one day, and then what seemed like a great relationship suddenly turns into a downward spiral.

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  1. For women at cmu, the odds are good since it's 60/40 male/female (when I was there, may have improved now) but the goods are odd since 95% of the males are uber nerds or wierdos (historically, less so now I am sure)Early 30s guy.