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You don’t need to stay all night and do shots with the IT department, but do make sure you get some face time with your higher-ups.

Who knows, maybe they’ll let you in on a position opening or a new project coming down the pipeline that could potentially lead to a promotion.

How is your attitude contributing to the environment?

Can you feel good about your goals despite what others are doing around you?

Read more: 15 Secrets to a Better Work-Life Balance Known for rushing to meetings or missing deadlines? Chronic tardiness sends a message that you just don’t respect other people and their time.

John Sandahl recognizes that this behavior usually means something else is going on with the individual.

But this is typically where the boss lets her hair down. Casual conversations at these events are crucial because they could expose a mutual interest or passion.

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In the meantime, he says, “Many issues can be solved with open and honest communication about work style and needs.” And remember that there are rewards for those with great critical judgment skills — as long as they don’t fall prey to the blind spot of being inflexible and hard to work with.

Healthy competition can be great in the workforce: It energizes some, propels others to achieve and creates a dynamic, energetic environment.

But a nasty competitive streak can also quickly turn things toxic.

Read more: How to Navigate 8 Potential Pitfalls of Socializing at Work If others’ successes are making you jealous to the point of distraction, try to refocus your goals and evaluate your own contributions objectively.

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From oversharing last night’s drinks-capades to groaning about another meeting alert in your inbox, these are 10 times you may have gotten in the way of your own success.

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  1. I failed two classes because I couldn't get help online they kicked me out and said my time was up. When I tried to reapply they had the nerve to tell me they would start me all over in their MBA program but won't allow me to finish what I originally enroll for. They put so much fear in me but I'm overcoming it and I'm about to get back in grad school and graduate with my masters in management.