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If you think your guy might not be as into the relationship as you are, then unfortunately, you're probably right. If your partner isn't being communicative with you, then it might be time to consider whether your relationship is right for you.

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If your partner isn't discussing the future with you, then their plan for the future might be getting out of your relationship.

Plus, it's hard to tell if someone likes you, if they're playing hard to get, or if they just don't like you — especially in the digital dating age.

Why bend over backwards to make someone you barely know happy? A prime example of this is a guy who brings a girl flowers on the first date.

A nice gesture, but how do you know she deserves them? Some women might be wondering if having sex too soon is scaring guys away.

Holding off to avoid judgement is ridiculous – how can two people have sex at the same time but only one of them does it too soon?

Any guy who loses interest in you for having casual sex “too soon” is not worth having around.

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Whatever your answer is, that’s the main cause of your behaviour.

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