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I would need to read the specification to be sure what it actually means.

Regards Ed Willinkthis is what happen when i remove the file:/// Exception in thread "main" org.ecore.

But first, do not attach a new problem to a 14 year old thread.

Runtime Exception: Cannot create a resource for 'file:/f:/workspace/eva/Releases13.model'; a registered resource factory is needed at org.ecore.It is often used as malware, allowing other users to access important passwords, such as a credit card number, or other private information that you want to obtain.Malware Malicious software, also called bad-ware, malicious software or malicious software is a type of software that aims to infiltrate or damage a computer without the consent of its owner.If you want to see a model perspective of the *.xtext in the Sample Ecore Editor.Regards Ed Willinkactually i have the xtext model and i want to transform it 's EMF Model and parse the graphe generated using java in order to add some nodes or update it or delete it om my EMF Model , but i get this error Hi Your visual snippet has so many things that make me uncomfortable I'm not sure where to start.

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