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(2/2): Australia is a quality team, they've got a very good record here in South Africa.

But after the first loss our guys were hurting and I've never seen them this hungry.

It is pretty emotional for all of us given that it was Morne's last match. To dominate Test a series against Australia is something unheard of. Paine and Cummins have already had a first innings rearguard, so all they have to do is copy that here. Day 5 -- 9.30 am: Seven wickets, 98 overs - take your bet. Despite all the bowlers nursing a varied kind of a niggle, they've rallied around with the new ball. Maharaj to Shaun Marsh, 3 runs, trapped in no man's land. It's forced him to pitch it up and that has him another. over second slip Morne Morkel to Burns, no run, 134kph of a peach. Can't blame Burns, it would've done most people in. Burns has a word with the umpire and Llong is probably explaining to him that it was his call - that a shot wasn't offered. It pitched way outside off, hit the rough and turned in. Saved a run there for his team Morne Morkel to Khawaja, no run, full ball on off, defended Usman Khawaja, left handed bat, comes to the crease Faf has a word with his bowler.

Oh this is perhaps the only time that he's been sitting down in a picture.

Dale Steyn has his selfie stick too as he gets into a corner.

He's had it all day, perhaps grabbing some footage for an exclusive behind the scenes documentary.

But Vern was outstanding today, the way he came out and landed the ball was just superb.

Thank you so much, the last couple of weeks have been exceptional. I can only be the man I am because of this fantastic culture and environment.

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