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But a more accurate understanding is that it's an enthrallment with your own feeling of being "in love," much more than a response to the other.And the former is part of the adolescent experience.(And that can lead to affairs, as I wrote about in a previous post).So - we've become conditioned to expect a struggle to control and possess; or to submit and surrender.That bursting forth of new emotions and desires around being "in love" is so intoxicating because that's often then when you feel you're at your best - in your most alive and passionate state.

Back then, as de Rougemont described in his classic book, Love In The Western World, romantic love became associated with separation from the love "object." In effect, marriage became the "enemy" of passion.

Take a look at some typical features of adolescent romance: Short-term intense arousal from a new partner.

Infatuation and idealization of the new love, often followed by deflation and feelings of loss.

We're socially conditioned into intimate relationships that are basically extensions of normal adolescent experience.

That is, the features of adolescent romance shape and define most of the expectations, behavior, and experience about romance and sexuality you carry into your adult life.

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