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Maybe the purpose of revenge is in preventing certain hostile actions or the threat of revenge insures people do not hurt you in the future.

But sometimes people act revengeful when no good can come of their actions, other than to inflict suffering on others. From lovers running over a beloved i Phone or destroying what their ex most values, to businessmen damaging the careers of those who have rejected them, to students opening fire in school hallways, revenge can be an act of anger, hurt and power.

Who hasn't said, "I hope he gets his," or wished that Karma would strike sooner rather than later?

Ariely suggests that this punishing betrayal or perceived betrayal has a biological basis and feels pleasurable. Reestablishing Trust Ariely states that revenge and trust are opposite sides of the same coin.Perhaps the idea that people believe revenge restores justice is really about reestablishing trust.Ariely's experiments on revenge showed that the tendency to seek revenge did not depend on whether the actual person responsible for the offense suffered, but only that associated with the offense pay.When an apology was given, the participants did not extract revenge.Please note this was a one time annoyance, not a series of repeated offenses.

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And they predicted that they would feel much better after they got their revenge.

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