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In the film, they meet in the pitch-black of a reconstructed version of the Dans Le Noir restaurant in Clerkenwell, London.

The main included supreme of guinea fowl with mango salsa and creamy broccoli, and pan-fried duck breast with wok fried vegetables and chocolate sauce.

You choose your colour and that’s all you know about what you are putting in your mouth.

My friend and I chose the red menu and guessed the starter was some kind of smoked ham and salad, the main was a beef roast dinner and the pudding was a lemon curd.

I went along to the real Dans Le Noir to test out the experience myself and to find out if lack of sight really is conducive to romance… And most of all – will I spill food all over myself?

As our blind waitress, the lovely Lisa, led us slowly to our table, all types of negative thoughts began running through my head about what lay ahead of us for the evening. But of course no one would be able to see if I did.

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I tried to remember the last time I laughed and joked with complete strangers in a restaurant and couldn’t.

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