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Try joining some groups or get involved with your hobbies​, I've had the best luck in that area. Once you get outside of that demographic (25 ), the selection gets kind of rough. The biggest difference for me is the way I approach it.

I've figured out that I don't need to settle, that I have a lot to offer anyone I chose to be with, and am completely capable of taking care of myself.When you're in a manipulative relationship it's hard to see outside of the woods, and even in great relationships things go stale after 10 years together.I personally am really enjoying my time as a single person, but it's absolutely by choice. Two whole complete people (with their own hopes, dreams, ambitions) coming together to make something better.Dating apps are your friend if you are halfway decent looking.Be ready for divorced, no career, kids (so many girls with kids), and inactive types.

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That said I still manage to have a couple dates each month, get ready for serial dating.

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