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On the other hand our Speed dating events are a sociable, fun and safe way of meeting lots of attractive local, likeminded singles face to face, all in the course of just one evening.There is time for a get to know each other with a chat with each ‘date’ as well as the opportunity to mingle at the bar.

And at the end of the evening, just hand in your note of those who you might like to meet again.

There are some super upmarket venues tucked away in Cambridge, including stylish bars, clubs and restaurants ,and it is only from amongst the best of these that we select where to host our Speed Dating Events.

And because of the care we take in selecting the right venue, we tend to attract people from professional and business backgrounds to our events – good calibre lcoal singles for you to get to know.

Perhaps you have tried internet dating -that can certainly be a good way of meeting someone, but you may have found it sometimes takes weeks before you meet anyone and they are often not quite as you may have imagined them from their profile.

Sometimes in fact, the experience can be very time consuming and a bit of a let-down!

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