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There are obvious (ab)users, who use the word readily and unironically, the sort who post really close pictures of everything they eat or watch hours of food television each day without ever learning how to work an oven.

But there are others, too, who have usurped the word in arguably more upsetting ways.

The word doubles as a compliment and an insult, depending on who utters it.

In this sense, using the word "foodie" is like wearing an outfit that was fashionable years before, long enough ago that it's no longer in style but not long enough ago for some to mistake it as still being cool.

Food is my favorite thing to talk about and to learn about, but an interest that is reasonable on a personal and an individual scale has grown out of all proportion in the wider culture.

But some things have clearly been lost in the collective trek toward announcing whenever possible how much we like to eat.Interest in the word "foodie," which seems to have piqued popular interest in late 2006, is trending at its highest ever. Over time, the word has undergone an all-too-familiar transformation, bubbling up to a point of ubiquity that has stripped the word of any semblance of meaning.On a good day — or bad, depending on how you look at it — most people would qualify as a "foodie" to someone. When asked about the word in 2012, Philipino restaurateur Elbert Cuenca had this to say: It has come to the point of being bastardized. The answer, on the off chance there is any doubt, is not that many people.From people in the know, people whose opinions so-called "foodies" should, theoretically, value highly, no less.And yet, despite the heaping piles of expertly deglazed vitriol, the word persists.

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