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Business leaders need to identify the right strategies to protect their trademark in China before entering the Chinese market.

companies planning to partner with Chinese retailers, manufacturers and subcontractors in the near future, you DEFINITELY want international protection. You may be surprised to hear us suggest 5 years in advance of your plans to begin working abroad. Unlike registering a trademark in the United States, registering a trademark in China holds some interesting distinctions. In this article, we'll delve into this, among other factors, before looking at how you can best begin your international search right now.After losing several cases before the lower courts, this victory comes as a huge relief for Jordan as well as many foreign firms doing business in that are similarly plagued by trademark squatters liked Qiaodan.However, this case goes to show risks of trademark squatting and the rigors of Chinese legal system – even internationally recognized brands like Jordan’s are not safe in China.That means that whomever first FILES a particular trademark in a particular category gets the rights. Why does this matter if your company is ONLY planning to manufacture in China?Under current Chinese law, a company can "swoop in" and register your trademark (even though you were the first to use it).

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