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But his vernacular works (if they ever existed) are lost to us--probably.But we do know that Aldhelm composed works in Old English.Support: The "Sucking up to Offa" Theory There is a section of ,around lines 1925-1962, where there is a discussion of a great king named Offa, who "tamed" the evil (assuming she is evil) queen Modthryth (assuming this is her name and not some kind of abstract quality).Many scholars find these lines an intrusion in the flow of the poem at that point and also find the reference to Offa unnecessary.Problems: If the story, about the older Offa, is just one more story that the poet knows, then it might be in the poem not for sucking up purposes, but simply because it is a useful story at that point in the narrative.At least some scholars believe that the poet is here contrasting a bad queen with a good queen and so goes back to his word-hord of stories about bad queens, find the story of Modthryth, and brings in Offa entirely because he is part of the Modthryth story.

The religion spread throughout Anglo-Saxon England quickly and (remarkably) without bloodshed.Therefore the poem would more likely to have been written before the 790's, when the raids began.Support: The "Looking Back on Pagan Ancestors" Theory The clear and rhetorically convincing presentation of this theory was one of Tolkien's great contributions to scholarship.Supposedly he would stand on a bridge and sing Anglo-Saxon poetry as people were passing by in order to gather a crowd and bring these people to church.King Alfred supposedly named Aldhelm the best of all vernacular poets.

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Could manuscript contains several texts with a strong focus on monsters: Alexander's Letter to Aristotle, the Wonders of the East, and the Life of St Christopher (although these texts have also been dated to later rather than earlier periods), so the idea is that it is perhaps linked to or copied from that Malmesbury might have been written by Aldhelm or someone in his circle.

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