Dating an ex heroin addict recovery who is jermaine jackson jr dating

Despair is replaced by a short-lived false hope for the addict.

Depression is replaced by the adrenaline of fighting for the person they love.

They find themselves hiding, going back on their word, making excuses to themselves and others and feeling isolated most of the time, but the Ups which occur less and less are so addictive that they have no choice but to endure the Downs. The ride is taking them along and redirecting them where it wants to go.

If you find yourself on this roller coaster in a co-addictive relationship you are not alone. In fact, you have become so out of control that you cling to any shred of control you have left to justify why you have not gotten off of the ride by now.

And like a Weird Trade Union, there can be patently ridiculous parodies of support groups.

It also requires recognizing that loving a person who is unpredictable and the highs and lows which accompany it can be highly addictive.As the addict falls deeper and deeper into their addiction, the co-addict will have to ride on bigger and bigger roller coasters with more extreme ups and downs.Even if the co-addict plunges towards the realization that this roller coaster may be too dangerous—they have to be ready to see that it will kill them if they do not get off.Giving up is replaced by a renewed sense of power that the co-addict can save the addict.The optimism returns that it is possible to have control over the addict. Love is tested, feelings are intense and no one never really knows what twists and turn are around the corner.

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This is the part of loving an addict that defines a co-addict.

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