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Since the D2 lay seemed unlikely, I was going to run two venues: a coffee shop and a pub, using the Daygame Mastery escalation ladder.I’ve found that ladder to work better than my own one when I think the dating will be slower.I fixed the scarf on her neck and looked at her, feeling the sensation of nervousness in my chest indicating sexual tension.I combined that in my mind with the hair flicks and how she had shuffled a few inches closer to me as we were talking.It’s another way of saying that my standard escalation ladder filters harder for interest., not just a friendly meetup with an eccentric stranger.It was going to be a quick one so running multiple recovery loops on failed kiss attempts couldn’t be done.In return she edged a little closer as we spoke, and I noticed that she flicked her hair a couple of times.

I imagine we both wanted to ensure that the other didn’t forget them over Christmas.I would only go for the kiss if I felt that she was accepting the escalation well.4- Story Aenna showed up on time and we crossed the street to my chosen coffee shop.2018 is looming and my big effort next year will be to break down my dating.Daygame and getting numbers are fine, but I want to unpack what I do on dates so that I can inspect what is, and isn’t, going well.

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I placed her on the K side of the R/K spectrum since the stories she told me didn’t have much rebellious oomph behind them.

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